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Why Admob Ads are not Showing in my App?

Hello Guys, I’m here to answer a regular Question by Android Programmers. Why Admob Ads are not Showing in my App?

Why Admob Ads are not Showing in my App?

A lot of Android Programmers Ask this Question. Majorly they face issues while developing. 

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The answer to the above question is:

There are some Particular reasons why ads don’t show on Apps while in development. 

Some Major Reasons are listed here:

  1. Newly Created Admob Account.
  2. Newly Created AdUnit.
  3. Development Errors.
  4. Payment details not Updated.
  5. Policy Issues.
  6. App not in Play store.

1.Newly Created Admob Account:

If You have created Admob Account Recently then Ads don’t show on your devices. It will take 24 – 48 hours to get verified by the AdMob team. So Allow a minimum of 24 hours before showing ads in your Apps.

2.Newly Created Ad unit:

If you have created an ad unit recently then Ads don’t show on your devices. Newly created ad units take 2 – 3 hours to serve Ads. So wait for 3 – 4 hours before showing ads in your App.

3.Development Errors:

Mostly New Developers face this issue. Because they directly see the whole code and get Confused. In that confusion, they get errors in code. This leads them into more Confusion. So the first thing you have to do is to check if there are development errors in the code.

4.Payment details not Updated:

Most of the Newbies do this. After creating an Admob Account many users forgot to update the payment details. If you want to show Ads you must update payment info in the payment section. Only After Updating payment details Ads will Start Serving if there are no other issues.

5.Policy Issues:

Ads Stop Serving and they don’t appear on your Apps if your Admob account has any Policy Violations. Make Sure that you follow Admob Policies for Apps. If One of the App has Any Policy Violationthen it will affect all your other Apps. So Follow Admob Policies to avoid any Policy Violations.

6.App not in Play store:

Most of the Users face this Issue because they try to load Ads in Development mode. If you want to get Admob Ads while development use test Ads that are provided by Admob. Or you can User Test devices code for testing your Ads. Recently Admob Started to show Ads only if your App is in the Play store. So use only test ads while testing and Update them while your app is finished and ready to Publish.


So now you know why Admob ads don’t show on your Apps. So if you are clear with the above-stated reasons and still Ads doesn’t show up in your Apps then I suggest you Contact the Admob team for more help. They can assist you to clear your Issue. And you can also Contact Us for any kind of help and we will try to help at our best.

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