Top 9 HIGH PAYING Job Certifications to Make More Money in 2022

With 2022 around the corner today, I thought we’d talk about the top 9 certifications that can really make a difference, not only in your career but also in your financial situation. These are all based on a report that the World Economic Forum released, not long ago about the jobs for the future, for the next 10 years. So getting one or more of these certifications not only will futureproof your career for at least the next 10 years. But it will allow you either to get a new job, be that as a freelancer or full-time job, remote from home or in person, or it will allow you to ask for an increase from your employer. Studies show that at least 5 to 10, maybe sometimes up to 15 percent increase or increase your rates if you’re a Freelancer, so let’s dive in. 

1. Digital Marketing

Let’s be honest, Businesses can only succeed if they have clients for buying from them, which essentially makes Digital Marketing a very important element out of any business’s operations, and in this digital age, having individuals who are skilled and certified in digital marketing is key. So if you are looking to get certified in digital marketing, that’s going to give you a boost in your career, no matter if you want to be a freelancer or if you wanna have a full-time job. So let’s take a look at what options you have in terms of certifications within the area of digital marketing. The first obviously is becoming a digital marketing specialist. Then you can look at Becoming a social media manager, you can become a content marketer or you can specialize in analytics. Let’s take a look at each of them and see what options you have to get certified. 

In terms of getting certified as a digital marketing specialist, you have a really good option directly from Google, which is actually free you can go ahead directly on their website. Take the course which is also free and then get certified. 

In terms of social media manager certification. You’ve got multiple options, but for today I thought of sharing with you the Facebook one so you can go and get certified on the Facebook website or Meta as a social media manager, and actually, the course and the certification are also free. Or you can go ahead and take the certification of social media manager on the HubSpot Academy website. 

If you want to be certified in content marketing Again, you have multiple options. Two of them that I thought of sharing with you today. One is also on the HubSpot Academy website. The other one is directly on the AMA website, which is the American Marketing Association website. And then last but not least, if you wanna get certified in marketing Analytics then again, Google has a very good option that you can go ahead and check out directly on their website. 

Some of these certifications that I’m talking about here today are free, others you would need to pay for them. So my suggestion is that we go ahead and check each one of them to see which one fits your criteria both in terms of the curriculum in terms of time that you need to invest, but also in terms of the budget that you need to spend or invest in yourself to get certified in these different areas that I’m covering today and then last but not least in terms of the salary expectation that you can have well, according to ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor. It varies between $57,000 to $86,000 in the US, or if you choose to be a freelancer then you can expect to charge upwards of $25 per hour.

2. Product Manager

What does the product manager do? Well, they use their skills to help companies to Answer their client’s needs by either developing and creating a new product or by improving existing products so they use skills like design or engineering or business to help companies create these new products. And here you can look at multiple paths. You can either look to become a scrum master, you can become a product owner, a digital product manager, or a delivery lead. For each of them, you have multiple certifications that are available. Let’s take a look at a couple of them. When it comes to getting certified as a scrum master, you actually have multiple options on the Knowledge Hut. Either you wanna become a Certified Scrum Master, so a CSM. Or a Professional Scrum Master, so at PSM. Both of them and others are available as certifications on the knowledge hunt. If instead, you want to become a product owner, then you want to take a look at Agile leadership as an option for you to get certified, and on the Scrum Alliance website, you can find all the details you want in terms of getting certified in terms of Agile leadership. Now if you want to know how much can you expect to make well according to pay scale, someone who is certified as a product developer in any of these specialties can expect to make about $92,000 per year or upwards of $50 per hour if they choose to be a Freelancer.


Just to clarify and put it out there. All of these numbers are averages and they depend on a lot of things like your years of experience, like companies that you’ve worked for before, like the level of knowledge and expertise that you have. So am I saying that you’re gonna make $92,000? From day one, probably not. Am I saying that you can charge $50 an hour as a freelancer from day one? Probably not. Can you do that? Absolutely, but you need to be able to provide value to your client and prove that you have that authority not only by having the certification but also by being able to show the results of your work. So getting the certification can absolutely help you charge more and get some authority in your field, but it will never guarantee a job because there will be other people who have a similar certification and have more qualifications that might get a job if you are not able to prove the value and the authority that you have in that field. So just putting it out there.

3. Business Analysis

Business analysis has become a critical element of project management and becoming certified as a business analysis expert can really boost your career in some incredible directions. Now, what business analyst does is they basically bridge the gap between IT and business and they use data-driven decisions and analysis to generate reports and help stakeholders make decisions. And they bridge that gap in order to make sure that IT developers whatever the business department or decision-makers are expecting in order to be able to drive that business. Now, if you’re looking to get certified in terms of business analysis, of course, you have multiple ways to do that. One of them is on the PMI website. They have a dedicated certification or a business analyst. Another option is to do that with Pluralsight and again they have actually a couple of ways that you can get certified in terms of business analysis on their website. In terms of the pay scale on average according to Glassdoor, you can expect to make between $74,000 and $77,000 per year again on average, and if you choose to be a freelancer, then you can expect to make between $40 and $57 per hour. 

4. RPA or Robotic Process Automation

It is a software technology that basically emulates humans and is able to replace some human processes in order to streamline workflows and essentially make companies more profitable. And here if you want to get certified in terms of RPA, there are again numerous ways that you could do that, and I’m gonna cover only three of them for today. 

First off, we have UI path and they have not only a certification for RPA, but they also have lots of courses depending on the level of expertise that you want to grow to, and some of them are actually free. So I think they definitely are worthwhile checking out. Another one is the Blue prism. They also have a very good and renowned certification for RPA. And then the third one is Automation Anywhere. In terms of how much you can expect to make. Well, actually, the average salary for someone who is certified as an RPA developer is between $115,000 and $117,000 per year in the US, and if you choose to be a freelancer, you can even charge upwards of $60 per hour if you get certified in terms of RPA. 

5. Cloud Engineer 

What cloud engineer does is they specialize in IT-related tasks that have to do with cloud technologies and this can be anything from development to deployment to maintenance and support of cloud technologies. And you can choose to be a generalist so just be a cloud engineer or you can choose to specialize in something like architecture or security or network administration, for example. And as someone who has not only worked in the space for over 9 years but also hired lots of people, I can tell you that being certified in technologies like Java or .net can be OK, but if you get certified in one of the technologies or maybe more of the technologies of the three main vendors in this space and here I’m obviously talking about Microsoft, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud platform, then you would have a much better edge in terms of getting hired. If we start looking at the Microsoft Azure certification so you can start by looking at the Azure fundamentals which are actually not designed for IT professionals. It is designed for non-tech individuals. I actually have this one myself but this one will help you understand cloud technologies in general. It will not be something that helps you become Architect for example. Instead, if you want to go deeper with Microsoft Azure, you could take a look at the Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions architect expert certification and this one will allow you to go deeper and get certified in things that are more related to architecture and will allow you to be seen as an Expert in terms of designing architecture or deploying Azure technologies within the company. Instead, if you choose to look to AWS or Amazon Web Services, they also have a multitude of certifications. One that you can start with is the AWS Certified Solutions Expert certification and. This one is one of the most well-known ones and will give you let’s say a good start in terms of getting certified with AWS. 

Google has a lot of certifications as well. They’ve started these in 2017 and now they have a multitude of certifications. One that would be very good for you to start with is that Google Certified Professional Cloud architect. So lots of options for you in terms of cloud engineering. The salary on average varies depending on which technology you choose to specialize in, but you can expect to be getting upwards of $126,000 per year in the US and obviously, comparable salaries depending on the country 

6. Cyber security 

In this world where companies are working remotely with so many of their employees using their own devices and many of the companies will be to the cloud, there is a higher threat in terms of security unfortunately which is why cyber security is such a very important field for you to consider in terms of getting certified. And here again, there are many ways that you can get certified. Many of these certifications are actually coming from ISACA, which is one of the authorities recognized in terms of security. And here two of the certifications that you can consider are Certified Information Security Manager(CISM) which is specializing in terms of security, governance, and Certified Information Systems Security Professional(CISSP) which is a certification that specializes in IT security and assurance. Another way to get certified when it comes to security or cyber security is an ethical hacker certification which is also an option that you can consider. Now in terms of salary, it varies a lot depending on what specialty you have and what certification you choose to get. But you can expect to make between eighty $86000 to $126000 per year in the US, depending again on which certification you choose to get. 

7. Data Science or Data Scientist

What Data scientist does is they use data and statistical algorithms in order to draw insights that can become actionable for the business. I’ve hired lots of data scientists in my career and they are nowadays more and more in demand because companies are realizing they’re sitting on this incredible amount of data that they’re not making much use out of. And then data scientists are becoming so much more important because they can help companies really leverage that data and draw insights that can be actionable for the company to make decisions based off of them. So there are again many types of certifications that you can get in terms of data science. A few of them that are, let’s say most well known and most well renowned are Google certified professional data engineer, Google Data machine learning engineer, IBM. Data science professional certificate or Microsoft certified Azure Data science associate. Again, there are more and more other certifications if you want to check them out. These are some of the ones that are most well known. In terms of the average pay you can expect between $100,000 and $170,000 according to Glassdoor in the US per year, and if you’re looking to become a freelancer, you can expect to charge between $30 to $50 an hour as a Data Scientist. 

8.AI and Machine Learning

What an AI or machine learning specialist will do is they will take the statistical model that a data scientist will create and build that implements that into an AI Algorithm that is then able to understand and develop on its own further, let’s say elements to that algorithm. And here we can create a distinction between machine learning specialists and NLP specialists, which is the natural language processing and understanding. So here you have different categories of certifications as well and in terms of machine learning again, there are many, many certifications that you can consider. A few of the most well-known ones are the Professional Certificate Program and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by MIT, Certificate in Machine Learning by Stanford as well as IBM machine learning professional certificate. There are lots of other ones, both from Azure and Microsoft from AWS as well as from Google, so you can go ahead and check those out as well. 

Now in terms of NLP or natural language processing, there is a certificate that is available within IABAC. But there are lots of. Forces that specialize either in Tensorflow or in Python. So again, everything is going to be linked down below. There are lots of ways that you can get certified in AI, Machine Learning. In terms of how much you can expect the average salary according to Glassdoor is between $140,000 and $170,000. On average per year in the US, and if you choose to be a Freelancer, you can expect to be able to charge upwards of $60 an hour. 

9. Web 3.0 and Blockchain Development

This is a relatively newer space, there aren’t that many certification options that we will have, especially when it comes to Web 3.0. However, when it comes to blockchain, there is a certification that you can find on Blockchain Council, and that one you can definitely get in order to get certified in terms of blockchain. And the blockchain technology is really the fundamental technology that sits at the base of everything related to Web 3.0, everything related to NFT’s, Crypto because it’s the way that everything gets certified and blocked with a unique key that nobody else will hold, which is what leads to that decentralization of everything.

As the post becomes big, We don’t have time to talk about how Web 3.0 works or how NFT works, or Crypto. If you want me to do that, I can also do that in a separate post, but essentially blockchain is the technology that is at the basis at the fundamental of everything related to Web 3.0, or NFT, or Crypto. So if you wanna get ahead and get it early, you do wanna look into blockchain and the Blockchain council have a certification that you could definitely go ahead and get right away.


Choosing the right certification for your career is important, but choosing one that you can use to make more money should be your priority. That was it for today that you so so much for visiting my website. I hope this was helpful. I hope it gave you some ideas in terms of what kind of certifications you can get in 2022.

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