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The 6 biggest announcements from Sony’s PlayStation Showcase 2023

Sony kicked off a summer of gaming events with a bang. The company’s PlayStation Showcase was more than an hour of rapid-fire announcements, surprises, and trailers — including a new piece of hardware. You can catch up on everything that happened right here in our storystream. But if you’re just looking for the biggest news of the day, this is the place.

Sony is making a handheld again, with the 8-inch Project Q. It’s designed for playing your PS5 games remotely and looks like a Nintendo Switch smashed with a DualSense controller. There was other hardware, too: wireless PlayStation earbuds are also in the works.

The show ended with a nice long gameplay trailer for Spider-Man 2, which included a look at Peter’s new symbiote powers. The game also has a release window now: fall 2023.

The year of remakes continues with a new version of Metal Gear 3: Snake Eater. It’s a project that’s been rumored for some time, and now Konami has finally confirmed that the game is in development. It’s coming to the PS5, Xbox, and PC, but we don’t know much else about it right now.

The developer is best known for Destiny and Halo, but the newly crowned PlayStation studio is returning to its roots with the sci-fi shooter Marathon. It won’t be PlayStation exclusive, though, and is coming to both Xbox and PC with cross-play and cross-save support.

A sizable part of the event was focused on titles for PSVR 2, including a VR mode for this year’s Resident Evil 4 remake. A number of other titles were also on display, including Crossfire: Sierra Squad and Synapse. There’s also Beat Saber, which is available… today!


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