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Sony aims to make PlayStation more accessible with Project Leonardo controller

Sony has been embracing accessibility options in its games for a few years now, but one place it has lagged behind perennial rival Microsoft is in accessible hardware. They aim to change that with Project Leonardo, a new gaming controller aimed to be customizable to the needs of any person.

The device was described only generally on stage, but it appears to be a hub with swappable parts and plates that let users connect various other items, such as breath tubes, pedals, and switches of all kinds to activate different buttons.

Each UFO-shaped Project Leonardo device can handle an analog joystick plus 8 buttons, and they can be paired with each other or with a traditional controller to complement or offer alternatives to any function. Sony worked with accessibility experts to make sure it was useful to a wide range of people.

It’s similar to how Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller works — some stuff is built in, some you provide yourself. Everyone’s accessibility needs are a little different, and so it’s important to support the solutions people already have. Besides, that stuff is expensive!

We’re waiting to find out more about this project, when it will be available for people to use, the technical details, and the design process behind it. We’ll update this post with more info when it’s available.


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