Customize Your Google Chrome

Hello People, We are back with a new Topic on Chrome. Many People want to Organize their Chrome bookmarks, History, Wallpaper, Extensions, Persons, Settings, and Others. For those who want to Customize Your Google Chrome, this article will help you.

Customize Your Google Chrome

I always want to make things easier, to look good in an Organized manner. That doesn’t mean I’m lazy. So three years ago, I searched on the Internet for Customization of my Google Chrome. But I found Nothing except few things that I already know. But I didn’t Stop. I kept searching. 

Later on Searching, I found an Extension named “Infinite Dashboard” that helped the Customization of my Google Chrome’s Wallpaper and Appearance.

Spending more time on Google Chrome helped learning more things like Shortcuts, Extensions, and Themes, Organizing my Bookmarks, and Many Others. But it took me time.

So I want to make things easy for others through this article. Getting into our Topic let’s See How to Customize Your Google Chrome.

Features that help to Customize Your Google Chrome:

Organize your Bookmarks:

Bookmarking is one of the best features of Google Chrome. It helps you to mark a website that you want to visit again. If you have more than one website that belongs to the same category then there is another feature to organize them. Creating a Folder with the name you want and bookmark those websites in that bookmark folder. These bookmarks are automatically synced with your Google account and shown across all the devices that are connected to your account. You can even export and import bookmarks.

Manage your Extensions:

In Google Chrome’s Latest Update, you can manage, arrange your extensions. Google Chrome brings a new feature, Pinning of Extensions. Now you can Pin the Extensions that you use daily and organize them in order.

Manage your Theme:

Recent Update brings an option to edit your Google Chrome theme look. Using this option, you can change your Chrome Color into dark black or bright white as you like.

Adding Persons:

If your laptop is used only by you, there is no problem. If your family members also use your laptop then it becomes complicated to sign in to all the accounts in one Chrome. To Solve this, Chrome brings a Feature to add more Persons to Chrome. Then a New Chrome is Created for Each Person. Problem Solved!

Saving Your Passwords:

There is a feature that makes Google Chrome the Best Browser. It Suggests Strong Passwords and Saves them to your account. That Sounds Cool, right? It makes your life simple. You no longer need to remember your passwords. It Simply Saves your password, so you can use those details across all devices linked to your account.

There are more features where you can set a custom URL to your home button, set the default search engine, and more to explore.

I covered all the major features that help you to Customize your Google Chrome.

Wait for the Next article. Until then, check out other articles here.

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